Sinfa Paint
  • Bathroom Fittings
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    Bathroom Fittings

    Bathroom faucets and shower head hardware are in contact with water for a long time, and need to be sprayed with a layer of waterproof transparent paint on the electroplating surface, so that water will not directly contact the electroplating layer and copper, causing oxidation and rust.
  • Door lock hardware
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    Door lock hardware

    People often touch door handles or locks, and the surface needs to be sprayed with a layer of artificial sweat-resistant transparent paint or fingerprint-resistant paint, so that the handle will not be rusted or damaged due to sweat for a long time.
  • Footwear
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    Footwear hardware will undergo a layer of anodizing or nickel-free treatment to produce a layer of surface feel, a transparent protective layer that has been acid and alkali resistant, and a protective electroplating layer, all of which need to pass the EU and U.S. standards.
  • Water hardware
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    Water hardware

    Many hardware surfaces have been forged, die-casted, and cast. Many holes are formed on the surface. A layer of sealing agent is required to block the pores on the surface and isolate the air so that the hardware maintains its original color and appearance.
  • Furniture
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    Stainless steel or iron materials are electroplated and wire-drawn, which can produce a rust-proof and beautiful surface through painting, which can produce different artistic effects.