Sinfa Paint

Engineering service

As a semi-finished product, coatings require more supporting services than other products. "Three-point coating and seven-point coating emphasize the importance of engineering services in the coating process.

Quality stability, product specialization, service specialization

Shanshan brand has always adhered to the management policy of "quality stability, product specialization, and service specialization. Market-oriented and customer-centric. Provide integrated coatings and solutions and professional engineering services according to the specific needs of customers. Well-trained Engineers are responsible for closely tracking the products under construction, providing intimate construction guidance throughout the entire process, preventing all kinds of coatings from running well, and handling various problems in a timely manner.
Therefore, scientific and effective user management is implemented from top to bottom. The information, requirements and opinions of each customer are recorded and archived. According to the requirements and suggestions of customers, we strive to be higher than the psychological expectations of users. The handling rate of after-sales service issues is 100%, and the customer satisfaction rate is above 98%.