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Bathroom Fittings
Bathroom Fittings

Electroplating clear paint

Bathroom Fittings

Impregnated transparent paint

Bathroom faucets and shower head hardware are in contact with water for a long time, and need to be sprayed with a layer of waterproof transparent paint on the electroplating surface, so that water will not directly contact the electroplating layer and copper, causing oxidation and rust.

The main purpose

Paint processing, door control hardware, curtain hardware, screws, furniture hardware, hand tools, shoe hardware, lamps, door and window railings, landscape modeling, advertising building materials, metal parts, hardware accessories, machine tools, hand tool hammers, hand tool axes. Stainless steel primary color art carved doors, sports equipment, gardening hardware, aluminum building materials, bathroom faucets

High temperature oily electroplating transparent paint (baking paint)

Tailored design according to the customer's coating process: products with different spray conditions can be provided with one coating and one baking, two coating and two baking, or three coating and three baking.

Product name Main agent: the paint system
does not need thinner: use directly
The mixing ratio 1
Filter screen Screen with 200-300 mesh
Spray gun, air pressure 3~4 kgf/cm²
Coating film thickness Electroplating transparent paint 10-25um 
Complete drying time 150 degrees-220 degrees × 40 minutes
Packing condition The material can be packaged after cooling
Physical test conditions 1. Under normal test conditions, 150℃×20min, let it stand for 1~2 hours to confirm that the material and coating film have cooled down, and then the physical property test can be carried out.
2. The simulated environment test condition is 150℃×20min, and the simulated environment test can be performed after standing for 24 hours.
Applicable material Aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, galvanized sheet, stainless steel, metal plating

Product physical properties table (casting + wire drawing treatment)

Test items Test Conditions Test Results
1 Attach Place the coated object at a level and draw a knife across the solid with a 100-grid knife. After cleaning the damaged area, stick the 100-grid area with 3M#610 tape, and pull it at a 45° angle for three times . There is no abnormality in the 100-grid. No abnormality.
No paint film falling
2 hardness Place the tested board horizontally with a pencil hardness tester <Mitsubishi Pencil>, load 500g, hardness 2H, no scratches on the coating surface No scratches
3 Film thickness Measure 20±5um by film thickness meter (single layer paint) 20±5um
4 Flexibility ≤2mm without cracks No cracks
5 Impact test Φ1/2X500gX30cm without paint stripping No paint stripping
6 Abrasion test Use a 3M rubber load of 500g to rub the coating 500 times without exposing the substrate (paint). No change in appearance
7 Alcohol resistance test Load 500g, rub the gauze impregnated with 99.5% alcohol at a distance of 3cm, 30 rounds per minute, the coating film>500 times without exposed substrate (lacquer) No change in appearance
8 RCA resistance Load 175g and rub the film with paper tape for 100 times without exposed substrate (lacquer) No change in appearance
9 Water resistance After immersing in 40±2℃ pure water for 120h, after taking it out and letting it stand for 1h, the coating film has no obvious softening, discoloration, blistering, adhesion drop, etc. No change in appearance
10 Corrosion resistance The temperature is 35℃, the temperature is 95%, and 5% sodium chloride solution is sprayed. Test time: After 240H in the salt spray environment, the surface of the product will not be rusted or discolored Single side rot <2mm attached OK
11 Stain resistance The performance remains unchanged after testing at a temperature of 65°C and a humidity of 90% for 120H No change in appearance
12 Salt spray ―40℃×1.5H→25℃×0.5H→65℃/RH90%×1.5H is a loop, do 20 loops No change in appearance
13 Salt spray After the test sample is coated with NIVEA hand cream, it is placed at room temperature for 24 hours, and there is no abnormal change in appearance after the test No change in appearance
14 Salt spray Drop PH5.5 artificial sweat on the surface of the test sample, and then place it at room temperature for 24 hours to observe whether there is any change in appearance No change in appearance