Sinfa Paint

Electroplating clear paint


Acid and alkali resistant transparent paint

Footwear hardware will undergo a layer of anodizing or nickel-free treatment to produce a layer of surface feel, a transparent protective layer that has been acid and alkali resistant, and a protective electroplating layer, all of which need to pass the EU and U.S. standards.

The main purpose

Paint processing, curtain hardware, screws, furniture hardware, hand tools, shoe hardware, door and window railings, landscape modeling, advertising building materials, metal parts, hardware accessories, hand tool hammers, hand tool axes, stainless steel primary color art carved doors, sports equipment , Aluminum building materials, bathroom faucets

Self-drying single-fluid electroplating clear paint (self-drying)

Product name Main agent: self-drying single-liquid electroplating clear paint
thinner: epoxy banana water
The mixing ratio Ford Cup No. 2 9 seconds-25 seconds
Filter screen Screen with 200-300 mesh
Spray gun, air pressure 3~4 kgf/cm²
Coating film thickness 10±2um
Complete drying time 2 hours
Packing condition Put it at 60℃×30min and let it stand for 3~5 hours to confirm that the material and the coating film are completely cooled, then the packaging can
Physical test conditions At 60℃×2~4 hours, 80℃×1~2 hours, and let stand for 4~6 hours to confirm the material and coating film cooling, then the physical property test can be carried out.
Applicable material Various metal materials. Zinc alloy. Aluminum alloy. Magnesium alloy. Stainless steel. Iron. Copper

Product physical properties table (zinc alloy + nickel plating)

Test items Test Conditions Test Results
1 Film thickness Electronic film thickness meter 10±2um
2 Attach Place the coated object horizontally with a 100-grid knife horizontally and draw a knife. After cleaning the damaged area, stick the 100-grid area with 3M#610 tape, and pull it at a 45° angle three times and then the 100-grid 5B. No abnormality.
No paint film falling
3 Film thickness Use a Mitsubishi H grade pencil to grind smoothly on sandpaper, the edge of the pen core is sharp, the load is 500g, and the FH is moved straight forward at a 45 degree angle FH
4 Film thickness Alcohol resistance: 500g load, with 99.5% alcohol-impregnated gauze, at a distance of 3cm, 30 back and forth rubbing the coating film 200 times per minute without exposed substrate (paint) No bottom,
no trace
5 Film thickness RCA load 175g, rub the film with paper tape 30 times, no exposed substrate (lacquer) Not bottomed out
6 Boil-resistant Boil in a constant temperature water bath at 80°C for 2 hours, and there is no change on the surface. Test Baige 5B. No abnormal appearance
7 High temperature and humidity Place it in a constant temperature and humidity box with a humidity of 95% and a temperature of 65°C for 120 hours. After recovering at room temperature for 6 hours, check the appearance for no abnormality, and measure Baige 5B. No abnormal appearance
8 High temperature preservation Put it in the oven at 70℃ for 48 hours, check the appearance after 4 hours of recovery at room temperature, and measure the hundred grid 5B. No abnormal appearance
9 Gloss Measured by 60° gloss meter, more than 90% gold oil more than 90 percent
10 Temperature and humidity cycle The high temperature point is set to 65°C and the humidity is 95%, the low temperature point is set to -40°C, each temperature point is maintained at 1.5H, the temperature change time is 20min, and lasts 20 cycles. After standing at room temperature for 4 hours, the hundred grid 5B is measured No abnormal appearance
11 Stain resistance Lipstick, coffee, water-soluble ink, black crayons, and allowed to contact at room temperature for at least 1 hour. After the test, the surface should be free of dirt after washing with tap water or soapy water No abnormal appearance
12 Salt spray The temperature is 35℃, the humidity is 95%, and the 5% sodium chloride solution is sprayed. Experiment time: After 48 hours in the salt spray environment, the surface of the product has no rust or discoloration. No abnormal appearance