Sinfa Paint
  • Sales philosophy

    Serve customers, care for employees, repay shareholders, and contribute to society
    Customers are always the focus of our attention.
    Continuously providing customers with high-quality products and high-quality services is our eternal quality policy. People-oriented is our basic development strategy. We will actively create conditions to create a platform for employees to show their life value and provide generous material to create profits. A necessary condition for our sustainable development. We will use good investment returns to strengthen shareholders' confidence in investment. We will operate with integrity, abide by the law, and actively participate in charitable activities such as poverty alleviation, donations to schools, and other charitable activities to make contributions to society within our capacity.
  • Spiritual idea

    Learning, collaboration, competition, innovation
    Learning is the first priority of every person. We will keep technology, management and service concepts at the forefront of the times by entering a learning enterprise.
    Collaboration is an essential condition for business operations.
    We will be committed to continuous improvement of the process, promote the spirit of collaboration, and build a team that cannot be urged.
    Competition is an inexhaustible driving force for an enterprise to move forward forever.
    We will continue to improve the internal competition mechanism, actively participate in market competition, turn pressure into driving force , and promote the continuous development of the company.
    Innovation is the main way to cultivate core competitiveness. We will achieve a century-old foundation through continuous technological innovation, management innovation, and marketing innovation.
  • Cultural positioning

    Humanity, harmony, truth-seeking
    Humanity: Form a fashion of respecting talents, create an atmosphere of caring for employees, and be full of humanity.
    Harmony: To make internal harmony, harmony with society, and harmony with nature.
    Seeking truth: Follow the law of name and view and do things down-to-earth.