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Organic solvent (oily)

Organic solvent (oily)
Organic solvent (oily)

Organic solvent (oily)

Organic solvent (oily)

Organic solvents

Toluene, xylene, dry cleaning oil, acetone, scouring oil, epoxy banana water, advanced banana water (for gold oil), general solvent, rubber solvent, pine perfume, methyl ethyl ketone, cyclohexanone, methyl isobutyl ketone ,kerosene

Epoxy banana water:

Product description: It can be added to epoxy resin, fluorocarbon resin, car paint, hardware paint. It is difficult to dissolve the resin, and the diluted paint will spray more beautifully.

Product Features:

◆ Appearance: liquid
◆ Category: the second category of flammable and explosive products
◆ Applicable materials: widely used in various coatings

Application process:

◆ You can increase or decrease according to the concentration you want

Product conditions:

1. Purity (wt%) ≧ 99.5 min
2. Water (wt%) ≦ 0.05 max
3. Acidity (wt%) ≦ 0.05 max
4. Color (APHA) <5 max


◆ Under normal conditions (0~40ºC), the shelf life is one year.

At present, the production capacity is large and the quality is stable. Distributors are welcome to discuss cooperation matters. At present, we can cooperate with Dayong Cargo. It can be shipped on the same day and received the next day.